All one family



“We Receive Invaluable Wealth as We Give Unmeasured Generosity”

It is a blessing to live in a country where most people have access to food, health coverage, education and jobs opportunities. Unfortunately the global family has not reached yet such a level of equanimity and balanced distribution from Divine Generosity and its Earthly Resources.

All along his non-stop global journey, Andrei Ram is constantly crossing paths with people in vital need. These situations run all over from not having enough to supply their daily essential grocery goods to emergency hospitalizations and last minute surgery procedures. Overwhelming debt and overdue payments are also a very common circumstance, which put them at risk of losing their homes or having to withdraw their kids from school.

The economical unbalance is so big in the world that what it seems to be a small donation for the first world economy, could end up been the greatest earnest one can achieve for their entire life in third world countries.

Any contribution you give to this Fund supports Andrei’s effort in order to accomplish this specific mission. With ascetic honesty and personal loving kindness, Andrei Ram will be able to deliver your donations and love to the people somewhere out there, who need it the most. This way you can be sure your contribution will reach directly the hearts of people living under critical situations due to financial deficits.

We all should realize there is an eternal and ever-present bound between all living beings. The Enlightened consciousness enables us to connect in living synchronicity with all those who belong to our Universal Family, beyond any blood ties and consanguinity.

Deep gratitude for this kind of –higher consciousness generosity– you are sharing; It will certainly generate prosperity, abundance and wellness all around you… We All Are One!!!