Supreme self


~Self Realization Immersion Course with Andrei Ram ~

To offer yoga teachers and advanced practitioners the opportunity to delve into yoga beyond asana, to receive the true purpose of yoga: Supreme Self–Realization.

For Yoga teachers comfortable teaching yoga who would like to learn more about breathing techniques, psychic development, nutrition, philosophy, and the true union of self and soul that yoga offers. For Practitioners ready to be students of a deeper understanding of yoga, not simply as physical movement, but as a path to self-realization.

Spend 5 days with Andrei Ram and experience the true purpose of yoga, the union of body and universal soul: Supreme Self- realization. Through a masterful weaving of the physical and spiritual, of movement and knowledge, of listening and sharing, you will arrive at a fuller understanding and appreciation of all that yoga offers. Andrei will seamlessly connect the practice of asana, the techniques of pranayama, the levels of meditation, the power of mantras, the understanding of the koshas and the astral bodies to allow you to ascend to greater self-realization and enlightenment.

Over the five days with Andrei, learn how the body in all its complexities and its simplicity connects us and leads us to the divine. Understand how to open yourself through the physical, to travel the path of the chakras, to access the higher intelligence of all beings. Experience the connectedness and oneness of life and the calm and love of the Source. As the group practices and learns together, you will come to find Sangha, a spiritual community, a collection of people with whom to share the gifts of wisdom and insight.

Whether yoga teacher or yoga sadhaka (practitioner) the goal is to activate one’s ultimate duty: dharma. We all must become an earthly living example of the Divine; A leader in one’s community, a loyal friend always attend to assist their fellowship in order to attain self-realization and true freedom.

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